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What We Do

Workplace injuries can be drastically reduced or entirely eliminated—using a mix of education, counseling, specialized soft tissue procedures, exercises and continuing reinforcement.  


We have discovered that every person and company needs the right combination of services to succeed at staying injury free. We know exactly how to communicate things effectively and simply to employees and management.

EIP (Early Intervention Program)

  • The human aspect: We focus on the person - how the person uses her or his body, why the person hurts, what the person can do about it and so on. We deal with work related and non work-related discomfort.

  • Education: We educate employees about what is happening with their bodies and what tools they can use to deal with their situation. 

  • Specialized techniques: Proven techniques specifically designed to restore function to the body. These are performed on specific employees to restore proper function to muscles, ligaments and tendons. None of which are actual treatment.

  • Exercise consultations: More than just stretching exercises. We emphasize functional restoration and work within each person’s physical limitations. Exercises are kept simple and easy to do. Exercises are only given when appropriate under OSHA guidelines so as not to trigger a recordable. 

  • Employee observations:  Suggestions on how each employee can best use his or her body on specific jobs and tasks. 

  • Physician Supervised:  Employees listen to a doctor.  Exercises and education coming from a doctor are accepted more easily.

Measurable Results

Dramatic savings in work comp costs and injuries:

  • Reduction of claims

  • Severity of injuries decreased

  • Reduced lost time incidents

  • Fewer recordables

Upward Curve
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Available 24/7

Premed services are available 24 course, 7 days a week by video conferencing, telephone or in person- depending what works best in each situation.

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While our physicians and staff are proactive in catching problems early, emphasizing increased personal 

responsibility in employees is key to success.

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Management is always kept in the loop on work-related issues so  management knows exactly what is happening with each employee in the program.

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High degree of employee participation because the program is built on trust. 

Go Team
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