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Why Use Us?

What Others Have To Say

Most times when initial symptoms are dealt with early, injuries and all the problems associated with them can be avoided.  As a PreMed 24/7 client, we help you with this on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  If you’re not a client but sense potential problems, contact PreMed and we’ll give you a clear understanding of the cost/benefit of an early intervention program.

What Kinds of Companies Use Our Services

Industrial and Manufacturing settings:
Forestry, agriculture, meat processing, automotive, aviation, medical devices, textiles, warehousing, utilities, mining, transportation, etc.

“Just to give you the magnitude of what Dr. Weidlich has done for us.  We spent approx. $570,000 in claims in the first year we tried the program, in our second year with them we only spent $56,000 in claims.”


“I saw Dr. Weidlich for back pain. He gave me one exercise and a few weeks in his program and the pain is totally gone.” - E.P.


“Twelve months prior to the program there were 14 recordable repetitive stress injuries at our plant. Twelve months after the program was adopted, there were zero!”



“...for the last thirty years we have steadily increased in the number of claims at our facility.  Since utilizing these services, we have cut our musculoskeletal claims by 95%.”  J.W.


The biggest thing I am impressed with is the concept of early intervention.  When an employee comes to me with a complaint I know that I have the resource to nip it in the bud immediately.”  R.F.

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Office settings:

Computer workers, telephone operators, clerical, data entry….

Working Together
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