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Onsite Help

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What do you do when offsite help is not enough?
These can be done onsite* BEFORE the employee needs to go to the doctor:
* Currently, only available in parts of Oregon and Washington
  • Simple ergonomic assessments of employees with discomfort
  • Onsite trainings and coaching in ergonomics
  • Specialized and very effective soft tissue work to help employees with discomfort
  • Follow ups with employee by phone and text
What Is the specialized soft tissue work?


Fascial means having to do with fascia. Fascia is the three dimensional  connective tissue that surrounds all body parts- muscles, nerves, organs, bones and so on.
Distortion means twisted or misshapen.  Basically, the alteration in the fascia.
Model is a meaningful way of viewing reality.
FDM is a treatment model in which musculoskeletal complaints are viewed through 6 different types of alterations to the body’s connective tissues.
NOTE: FDM used onsite is never used beyond the level of massage or first aid. 
Gets results very fast, usually in 2-6 sessions!



How do I access onsite services?

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