An App Exclusively For My Clients!

Help and Ergonomic Basics at Your Finger tips

This is for team leaders/supervisors

STEP 1: Download the app or use the website below by clicking on the buttons

STEP 2: Create an account. You can't log in before you have created an account. Push the SIGN UP NOW. Sign up with your name, phone number and email. I will then approve your access to the app.

STEP 3: Use the app!

  • When someone has discomfort. Fill out a quick form. No more searching for the form in your email! This takes a minute or two.

  • Show an associate the basics of ergonomics in 5 minutes!

  • Print out exercises and advice sheets!

  • Show an associate how to do the microexercises! 

  • Use the ergonomic help sheets to spot bad ergonomics and fix it!